Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeling The Breeze

I recently had one of my usual mid-week days off and so I took my son and went to visit at my parents. My reason was two-fold. My wife works from home and needed a chance to work in peace and quite and I also needed to work on some fundraising mailings for my tuition for Amazing Facts Center Of Evangelism. As I settled down with my labels, envelopes stamps and letters, my son asked my mother if she had any kites. I gently smirked to myself, thinking that no one keeps extra kites just laying around waiting for a 10 year old to ask. But guess what?? My mother does!!! As I opened the package I warned him that I didn't think that there was enough wind to fly a kite. I clipped the string to the kite for him and sent him to the then unplanted field out front to enjoy himself and I set about working on my mailings again. It wasn't long however that looked out the front window to see him running through the field out front trying to get the kite into the air and all it wanted to do was spiral quickly behind him with no intention of gaining height at all much less fly. I looked at the stack of envelopes and letters waiting to be put together and decided that the mail goes out 6 days a week but I only get this kind of time with my son a couple of days each week. I hopped up and headed out to help. turns out I had clipped the string to the wrong loop. After fixing my gaffe, I raised the kite overhead, still highly skeptical that there was sufficient air movement to fly a kite when to my suprise it pulled upward and took skyward as easily as could be. I stood amazed and my son and I took turns flying the kite, playing out more string now and then allowing the kite to rise higher and higher. I wasn't long before the breeze that I initially thought was completely absent became a steady and gentle presence. I looked at the kite, the sky and my son and thanked God for the time He gives us. John 3:8 came to mind as I faced into the wind and closed my eyes to feel the breeze:

"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”
I stood there for minutes drinking in the wonder of the moment, feeling the presence of God and enjoying connecting with my son. After all, its all about relationships. God wants a relationship with us and if we truly live out our relationship with God, it will extend to our relationships with those around us. God wants to live in us and yet so much more. He wants to live through us. I often pray at work that He will live His love through me to others. Do you want that??? I sure do. I want to have that vital loving relationship with my son, with my wife, with others, with my God. Take time today to feel that breeze, let His Spirit flow, let Him have control to live His love through you.
God Bless